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Energy Auditing

United Energy Solutions, LLC will meet with you at your facility.  We will conduct a walkthrough of the building and use thermal imaging to provide you with exact readings. We evaluate the buildings HVAC, Lighting, Insulation, Building Envelope, Pressure, Temperature Changes, Electrical Equipment, and Roofing. After final review we will provide you with a detailed report on the facilities energy efficiency performance. Our reports include prescriptive measures and energy efficient upgrade solutions to meet your desired energy goals.

Energy Management

After receiving a full energy analysis report on the facility, you will be provided with a list of suggested energy efficient upgrades. United Energy Solutions, LLC will assist you in the planning, development, and implementation of these new upgrades. Our firm will provide you with information on current rebate programs, grants, tax incentives, etc.. We provide a turn key solution to your company's energy goals.  


United Energy Solutions, LLC will work hand in hand with the contractors to assure quality products and practices are used. We manage the implementation of these energy conservation measures and use data logging to verify savings. Our firm will deliver the real solutions needed to achive your enrgy goals.



United Energy solutions, LLC is an energy solutions firm. We conduct energy audits on buildings and homes. We provide detailed reports on how facilities are performing currently and what measures should be taken to perform better. We offer energy consulting services to all sectors and industries. Our clients receive detailed reports on their facilities with a full layout of prescriptive energy efficient upgrades. Our firm will target exactly where you need to improve your facility and provide you with a detailed plan to reach your desired energy goals.






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